110-188-100C-01 EMC DATADOMAIN SERVICE PROCESSOR FOR DD7200 - 110-188-100C

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110-188-100C-01 EMC DATADOMAIN SERVICE PROCESSOR FOR DD7200 - 110-188-100C
Brand: EMC
Variations: 110-188-100C
Compatibile With: DD7200

EMC Data Domain DD7200 Array

The Data Domain DD 7200 is a data protection system designed to deliver more efficient security at a lower cost. Using 10 to 30 times less vital capacity than a tape backup, the DD 7200 gives you the data protection and essential back up services that you need.

Data Accessibility

Accessing your data both online and on site will reduce your operating costs by facilitating easier replication of your network data should you need to do so quickly. The DD 7200 also offers a distinctive storage system, which contributes to its quick and dependable disaster recovery process.

Simple Synthesis

EMC created the DD 7200 system to easily integrate with your existing infrastructure, making installation and execution simple. You’ll also have access to the Data Domain System Manager – a web-based solution that simplifies data replication administration.

Fast Backup

Break out of limited backup windows using the DD 7200, which processes your backups at a lightening-fast speed of 26 TB per hour.

Maximized Capacity

Don’t waste your space storing duplicates. The DD 7200 saves you bandwidth, cost, and time by compressing and storing only deduplicated data.

Your data is integral to your business operations. With EMC’s DD 7200, you’ll ensure it won’t be lost. The DD 720 is fast, budget-friendly, and bandwidth maximizing – but it’s also reliable, complete with continuous recovery verification, fault detection, and self-healing.

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Solution For Archiving
Backup and Recovery
Product Type Deduplication System
Max Throughput 26 TB/hr
Max Throughput (without DD Boost) 11.9 TB/hr
Max Usable Capacity 428.0 TB
Logical Capacity (Standard) 4.2 PB
Logical Capacity (Redundant) 21.4 PB
Solution Size (Users) More than 1,000 users
Cooling Requirements 2593.0 BTU/hr
Power Dissipation 760.0 W
Backup Applications EMC Avamar
EMC NetWorker
Symantec NetBackup
Symantec Backup Exec
Symantec PureDisk
HP Data Protector
Arc Serv
Oracle RMAN
Tape Libraries Sun
Database Platforms Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft SQL Server

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